I’m Jonas Ellison. And that’s my little girl, Rory, on the right (your right). We’re both a bit older now, but not much else has changed…

I'm a writer and a midlife seminarian preparing for ordained ministry in the Lutheran (ELCA) church.

This is my daily personal blog and online community of sorts. I’ve been blogging daily(ish) since 2015. I started over at Medium.com before moving here to Substack. You can read here about why I made the switch.

First, some miscellany to break the ice…

First and foremost I’m a husband and (as you saw above) a dad.

Strong coffee (with oat milk and sugar, please) throughout the day and a Carlsberg beer (just one - maybe two) in the evening just about covers my material indulgences.

I’m a social introvert and register as an INFP on the MBTI and a 9w1 on the Enneagram.

I like listening to indie folk, pop grass, and roots-rock music. And Bach. Because I’m Lutheran.

I’m a big fan of fire - as long as it’s controlled. Anywhere from a candle flicker to a raging bonfire will do.

I’m of Danish descent and am a purveyor of all things hygge.

I prefer mountain lakes over ocean beaches.

I’m from rural America but consider Chicago to be the best city in the world.

Okay, now I’ll go a few feet deeper…

To me, being a Christian isn't about being 'right'. It isn't about cussing less and judging others more. It's about trusting that, as flawed as we all (!) are, we're also insanely and undeservedly loved at the core of our very being by our creator and designer. The gospel of Jesus is the great cosmic leveler. It’s harshly inclusivist. None of us are left out (even those whom we wish were).

We don’t have to be ‘right’ in order to be loved by God. Instead, we are loved by God so that we can be made right. Again and again.

This Christian faith liberates me to spend more time doing the things I love and going to more places and spaces that make me feel small and even a bit afraid. It frees me to remember to laugh at myself more and to let others off the hook as much as I need to be let off the hook.

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Grace & Godspeed,
Jonas Ellison