Some silence (and a quick question for you)

I didn’t record a lectionary podcast for Holy Trinity Sunday today. This is because of a few reasons…

  1. We traveled via airplane. With a small dog. From Chicago to rural Northern California - possibly for the entire summer (but at least a couple/few weeks) to visit family and GTF outside in nature and away from the quarantine/crowd dynamic for a while. I’m acclimating to a new time zone and new surroundings. Settling in, if you will.

  2. At this cultural moment, I don’t know what to say. I’m an empath and am deeply affected by the identity wars of today. I’ve expressed a couple of my thoughts this week. But as a seminarian, I don’t HAVE to get behind that ambo and preach every single Sunday. I’m taking this opportunity while I can to be silent and listen to what the Holy Spirit reveals to me.

  3. Not many folks are listening to the lectionary podcast. Which begs me to ask…

If you were to listen to me yammer about something every week on a podcast, what would you want that to look (sound) like? What can I yammer about each week for 30 minutes or so? What can I do differently?

Your wish is my…

Throw your thoughts in the comments by clicking the little conversation bubble icon below. Or just simply reply to this email.

I do this for you, so I promise to read every single one and take it into account. Many thanks.

And I pray that you can take this Holy Trinity Sunday to put the digital megaphone down and listen to what the Holy Spirit is telling you right now as well. I have a feeling that this time is ripe for something revelatory to break in.

Grace + Godspeed,