Two voices

The law comes in the imperative voice…
It comes in the form of command…
“You must do this.”

The gospel - grace - comes in the indicative voice…
It comes as a promise - as good news…
”This has already been done.”

We are bound to a voice of the law most of our waking (and sleeping) lives. When the voice of the law takes over, fear of defeat and the threat of not-enough loom over every action. When the melody of grace takes over, you’re reminded that everything that needs to be done has already been done.

Under the governance of the law, an inner nervous voice urges us to keep face and maintain our self-image. In the realm of grace, we’re free to laugh at ourselves - not in a demeaning way, but in a way that breaks the chains of insecurity and makes light of what seemed so heavy just a moment before.

May the voice of grace be upon you when you least expect it
and when you need it the most.

Grace + Godspeed,

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