What the California Wildfires Have Taught Me About Being Human

There’s been a lot of references to apocalypse this year. It’s funny how everyone sounds like a theologian in 2020 (several global crises all at once can do that to you).

The greek word apokálypsis means revelation or unfolding. Living in the Sierra Valley of Northern California during the wildfires of summer 2020 has revealed one big thing (of many) to me…

It’s revealed just how hopeless and helpless humans truly are.

The North Complex fire, which started an hour west of where I live, started a month ago and has burned — at the time of this writing — 258,802 acres and is only 26% contained.

I wrote an essay on my ponderings (with a short prayer to close it off) today on the Medium blog.

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Grace + Godspeed,