I hope this finds you well and warm. My postings as of late have been sporadic, so thanks for your grace and mercy. But what can I say - it’s a busy…
Third Sunday of Advent
Second Sunday of Advent

November 2022

First Sunday of Advent
First of all, an announcement (drumroll, please)… Last weekend, I was APPROVED ✅ for a call in the ELCA! This means that the synod (kind of like a…
This transmission is coming to ya late because I’ve been out of town on a little family getaway to the bay area of California. We just got home last…
I hope this transmission finds you warm and well and that you had a sacred Allhallowtide. I know we did. Our dear friend owns a historic inn that she…

October 2022

Happy Allhallowtide
I hope this missive finds you well and warm this fine autumnal Sunday eve (yes, I’m late in getting this out - do forgive me). We dropped below freezing…
A more comprehensive compendium
As Ever, Jonas
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