Sitemap - 2021 - Along the Way with Jonas Ellison

Like Scrooge on Christmas Morning

Christmas Oratorio

Weekly Compendium

Sermon: Christmas Eve

The end of your virtuous rope

Mary's yes

A Solstice Reflection - Magic is afoot

From law to love

Advent confession + absolution

Weekly Compendium

You have it all

False laws

The death of our godhood

Sermon: A fearless inventory of the darkness


Weekly Compendium

Mission impossible?

The false myth of achievement

The hokum of life improvement

In the darkness, forever

Weekly Compendium

A God of Delight

Held in our sorrow

Thou shalt be jolly

Sermon: Now and not yet

Does God's unconditional love create laziness?

Your greatest hope

A countercultural Word

Playing god again?

Sermon: A new promise reigns

Weekly Compendium

Complete the turn

Our eyes look outward for a reason

The call

Love without shoulds

Weekly Compendium

You are a result of pure joy

An All Saints reflection on death

The new old

Self-centered spirituality


Sermon: All Saints Sunday

Weekly Compendium

Perfect means done

Freedom from the imaginary self we're failing to become

Skirting heresy for the sake of the gospel

The pitfall of piety

Weekly Compendium

Why Halloween is more Christian than Christmas

[Nellie McClung] What to do?

A living faith

Vlog: Q&A Early Fall 2021

A captured moment

Weekly Compendium

Straightening out the edges

Theology of nature

Sermon: True joy vs. false joy

Is God threatened by reality?

Deliver me from my own god

Weekly Compendium

What if God is fond of you?

The agape God

The essayed life

Sermon: What if they were watching?

More than a thumbs-up

Preaching to myself

Weekly Compendium

God is not a deity

Bringing back the daily(ish) blog

The story that gave us God

'Christianity' not 'Biblicism'

Have a plan to see what happens

September Q&A

The perils of a pastor-centric church

Time for another Q&A (and check out my new toy)

Take and eat

This collar

Sermon: I am a Lawbreaker

What I learned from chaplaincy

The art of living in faith

[Video Sermon] Impossible? Possible.


[Sermon] Crushed by Rightness

Seeking Sanctuary

Our Greatest Need

Starting from the right place

Clinical Pastoral Education

Christianity: The Un-Religion

Grounded to Grow

No margins

[Sermon] Radical Forgiveness

The Great Separation

Small Town, Saturday Night

[Q&A] Always Working

Ontological Trust Fund Babies

The root of legalism

Hunting for Heretics

Ministerial coming-out

The power of place

Getting out there (and back)

God's Plan?

[Sermon] The Power of a Promise


Always becoming

On captivity

Hide self-view

The theological hairball

How are you wired?

Did we really choose?


Fighting gravity

I'm giving up social media for Lent

Imagine what you might realize

Ego is the antithesis of true confidence

True Sonship

How to Exist Together on Social Media?

The silent sound of snow

[Sermon] Turn Us From Our Idols

How would it change things?

Pardon me?


The shackles of separation

Two voices

When the mountaintop comes down to you

Listen to your life

At least you’re not in a bounce house

The Pundit Impulse and the Power of Revision

Napping as a spiritual practice

Room to wail

A prayer of disdain

[Heather Choate Davis] When Teresa of Avila & Martin Luther walked into a bar

The Gift of Human Folly

You make me braver

To the new year (and beyond)