Sitemap - 2022 - Along the Way with Jonas Ellison

Running into the fire

Surrendering to Canadian composure

God always goes first

Believe it or not

You are splendidly insignificant and useless

A note from isolation...

We are horrible, farting monsters (and we're also pretty okay sometimes)

A homily on the "Good Samaritan"

My first 'vlog'

I got to pick her up from school today

Weekly Compendium

Why I link to Medium

Weekly Compendium

A quick reminder

Driven by expectation and boredom

Weekly Compendium

Go to hell?

Adding the “I” to “I love you”

Let’s talk about this whole “Jesus Saves” thing…

Weekly Compendium

The world does not determine your value

Where’s God?

We are attention-grabbing beings

Weekly Compendium

Unachievable, unearnable belovedness

I'll never get it done (and I cannot get it wrong)

Our curses are lies

Weekly Compendium

Trading in our idols for everything

To Forgive is to Release

The day I strangled a man in a coffee shop (in my head)

Weekly Compendium

Your homecoming song

If you wanna hang out...

Welcome to Along the Way

Time for another Q+A 💥

A time to be in the valley

Abe, I Gotchu


Your unending epiphany

On borrowed breath

Why (now)?

I'm an awful man

I don’t deserve it (thank God)

Do this in the re-member-ance of me

Saltines and grape juice

Weekly Compendium

The Way

Blinged-out Jesus

When the work starts to rhyme

Out of steam

Crisis of approval

Gospel freedom

Overdosing on doom

Christianity: A religion that ends religiosity

Weekly Compendium

Being a parent is impossible work

The finality of judgment

Deconstruction is different than destruction

Weekly Compendium

More on religion

Religiously non-religious

My first drone flight!

A quick voice memo for ya...