Sitemap - 2020 - Along the Way with Jonas Ellison

The Accuser Within Can Never Lead Us to Freedom

Stomping on the gift

Q&A Winter 2020

[Sermon] Christ, the Essence of the Human

God and sinners, reconciled

Trying to be a god is a lot of work

The only true end of the law

It just hit me

What happens when we die?

What can I talk about?

Remember to delight in your life

The frenzy of our activism

The neighbor-god complex

When you don't need a universalist

I can do superfluous things

Free to be you

You're Killing Me

The form and the message

Bring Back Vinyl Church

The God of Mathematical Law

A Prayer for the Proud and Lonely

Follow Us Into The Shadows

[Q&A] Autumn 2020 Livestream

We Need A Place To Fall Down

The Gift of Gratitude

Now What?

Have I Done My Part?

Freedom vs Independence

Clinging to Self


A Freedom Like No Other

Yeshua (the compelling nature of Jesus)

Speculation vs. Proclamation

Sinners Created Anew


Spirit is Highly Contagious

Trump Is the Most Biblical President That I Can Remember

Both Oppressor and Oppressed


Freedom to Get on with Life

We Are All Theologians

A Prayer for Leadership

Buckle Up

We Are Not Cardboard Cutouts

It's All Saints Day

Happy All Hallows Eve

Mirrors of the human situation

Shame and grace

Turning Commands Into Promises

The Eternal Hell of Personal Potential

May your gospel-driven joy piss off all the uptight Christians

What are you abandoning?

Faith Starts Where Self-Help Ends

The Holy Nature of Distraction

The Question Is Important

(The Pastor) The Neediest One in the Room

Why Is It So Hard to Just… Behold?

From the Mouth of a Fellow Sinner

Can We Try New Titles?

Getting It All Right Is Impossible

A Nuanced Look at How Our Lives Are Made New

I miss you!

Sighing as a Form of Prayer

Christian Freedom

What the California Wildfires Have Taught Me About Being Human

The American Dream (or the American Nightmare)?

Be Still and Know

The God of Restoration

Knowledge is Overrated

Apocalyptically Yours

Never Lose Your Sense of Humor

Leisure Is a Quality of Spirit

Where Are You Coming From?

The tyranny of legalistic morality without forgiveness and redemption

We Are All Beggars

The Sacred Nature of Consumption

The Power of A Promise

True worthiness is accepted, not performed

Nature is trying to kill us

If they only knew

External Bluetooth Speakers: The Bane of Modern Existence

On reinventing yourself

Keep us on our toes

When Keeping Score In Life Proves Utterly Impossible


I need more than just a “Divine Spark”

A (short) prayer for the inner cynic

Need-fulfillment, destroyed

The crusader impulse

Summertime Blues

Giving credit where it's due

The Love That Creates Love Out of the Unlovable

God makes masterpieces out of our messes

Ex nihilo

On being the object

A New Seminary and Hanging our Hats Under the Starry Skies of Northern California

Focus on the evergreen

Bring them here to me

Recommended (required?) watching/listening...

Traveling downward

Checking in

On honest conversations and the supposed heresy of oneness

On culpability, crowds, and the waters of my baptism

On symptoms

Cast your anxiety on Him

On our independence

Questions + Opinions: Spring 2020

On being claimed

On raising the dead

The just and the unjust

Profiting from outrage

Hiding in the shadows

The hound of heaven

Breaking the ladder

All the way down

Look around

As the bar raises...

Ask me stuff

Holding us in place

We are not removed from the valley

A victim or a sinner?

This sacred moment

On our creatureliness

Resurrection speaks last

[Podcast] Episode 9: Third Sunday of Easter

Going up the down escalator

Who doesn't limp?

Perfection is not an option

Me + Lakeview Lutheran Church

Who's the operator?

Another way to look at work

Liturgy of the world

On likeness

The power to become children of God

Resurrection in the dark

Not sure if you got it or not...

Table Talk: Episode 7 (Easter)

Theology of the Cross

You will never wash my feet

Poor and needy

Fancy a book study?

Not even if you drive a Tesla

The Holy Spirit Does the Heavy Lifting

Thank you for your delights

Passing the Mic: What's unexpectedly delighting you?

Passing the Mic: Pandemical Lament

A Guided Contemplative Exercise: Dialogue with the Crucified God

You’re doing an awesome job

Life has never been normal

Table Talk: Episode 5 (5th Sunday in Lent)

Being strong only goes so far

Do you see the scapegoat here?

Physical (not social) distancing

We can't see it now

Your kid(s) and the Law (aka you)

Okay, Lent... You win.

Anxious-scrolling through it all

Blessed are the compromised

Mediocrity is home for now

Never Lose Your Sense of Humor

Looking for the helpers

Ode to churches who aren’t great at live-streaming

The illusion of control

We are all intimately connected

Order is everything

The freedom to serve

You can let your guard down

Women... You astound us

Birth, death, and ritual

Where three are gathered (Things get reeeeeeally complicated)

The journey towards us

Times like these remind me...

Don't get it twisted

The eternal cosmic refresh button

More of an upward grasp than a downward fall

Take and eat

You + Lent = ?

Community Guidelines

Lent is upon us

The keeper of the seasons

Even Jesus got annoyed with people

Theosis and the divine garment

Put on Christ

Not a right-handed God

It is already granted

The omnipresent digital mirror

Butchers for God

We're stuck with each other

Keep the faith

The existential purification rite of hell

Judgment never has the last word

The Christ-shaped God

On just being/doing the thing

Spiritually-inclined people, keep moving

What's the bad news?

When I'm not there

Getting past the call-to-action

God can't punch you in the face

What are we being saved from?

God isn't in the self-improvement business

Across a table

When Were You Saved?

A Theology of Abundance

A Heart That's Been Liberated

There Is No Question

Welcome to Table Talk: An announcement

We Do Not Have Too Much Time...

Hanging On


The Wind

We Are Known

Don't Look Up

[A Question for You] What Does Faith Mean to You?

Permission to Ignore

It's So Much More Than That

O Praise the Gracious Power

Substitutionary Atonement and Human Resistance to Indebtedness

If Being Good Is Based on Making Others Bad...

Does Too Much Love Lead Us to Evil?

A quick reading tip...

Reverse-Advent (and an ode to those who still have their Christmas lights up)

When/if those New Year's goals don't pan out...

The Bible is rated R (at least)

The fattened calf

God's love is not our choice

Good things happen when you burn incense

Faith & trust

[Pass The Mic] How were your holidays?

The Pope is human

Family is supposed to be hard